NoobCTF 0x1 Write-up

Welcome — 10 pts

Memory Forensic

Mr. Pr0xy’s Gift :) — 10 pts

##Parent Process## — 80 pts

Processes in the memory dump

Malicious Process — 100 pts

Thanks To Sponsors — 7x50 = 350 pts


Open S0urc3–150 pts


Pretty Good?? — 150 pts

gpg2john message.pgp > out
john --wordlist=rockyou.txt out


It’s easy — 50 pts

05 10 19 02 00 10 4A 46 49 46 00 01
FF D8 FF E0 00 10 4A 46 49 46 00 01

Fine the tone — 250 pts


Frequency — 250 pts

Aar_Ess_Ae 2.0–200 pts




Bug Bounty Hunter | CTF player | Student

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Naveen Prakaasham K S V

Naveen Prakaasham K S V

Bug Bounty Hunter | CTF player | Student

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